Channeling allows an arcane or primal spellcaster to gain more power by drawing on the power of mana.

Classes and Channeling

Wizards: Wizards do not get Implement Focus, instead they get a Primary Colour instead. Hybrid Wizards may also choose a Primary Colour, even though they do not gain Implement Focus.
Druids: Druids and hybrid Druids may choose the Primary Colour class feature instead of wild shape (In fact, this is far more common for druids in Varnaria, wild-shaping is mostly unheard of.)
Warlock: Warlocks do not use these channeling rules, as their power comes from another being or pact, and are therefore more similar to Divine casters for purposes of these rules.
Shaman: Shaman do not gain the ability to channel, as their power comes from connection to spirits.
Sorcerers: Sorcerers do not gain the ability to channel unless their spell source is Geomancy. Other spell sources are not compatable with channeled mana. Hybrid sorcerers may use mana gained from feats or other class features on their sorcerer spells, as long as they do not take a Hybrid Talent spell source other than Geomancy.

(Other classes – to be determined.)

Primary Colour

The current paradigm of magic draws upon mana of given colours to fuel their abilities. By tapping into the power of the land, a spellcaster can augment their abilities. In Varnaria, this system of magic replaced the obsolete college system when it became clear that the colleges basically tapped into the same sources for energy.

Wizards and other Arcane Studends usually refer to the colours as ‘colleges’ or ‘schools’, a fallback from days of yore. Druids and primal spellcasters tend to refer to them as ‘mysteries’.

When you gain this class feature, choose a colour of magic available to your class. You gain +1 to hit with all spells of that colour. In addition you gain the ability to channel that colour, and up to two associated colours. However, the downside is you gain a -1 to hit with all spells of opposing colours. Additionally, they may not learn to channel an opposing colour.

Wizard Matchup
ColourAssociated ColoursOpposing Colours
WhiteGreen, Blue, Purple, OrangeBlack,Red
GreenBrown, WhiteBlack, Yellow
BrownGreen, RedYellow, Blue
BlackYellow, Red, Orange, PurpleBlue, White
RedBlack, BrownWhite, Blue
YellowBlack, Yellow, PurpleGreen, Brown
BlueBlack, Yellow, PurpleBrown, Red
Druid Matchup
ColourAssociated ColoursOpposing Colours
GreenBrown, BlueBlack,Red
BrownGreen, RedYellow, Blue
RedBlack, BrownBlue,Green
BlueYellow, GreenRed, Brown
YellowBlue, BlackBrown
BlackRed, YellowGreen


To Be Determined. (Obviously, they gain channeling, probably for Red, Brown and Green)


A channeler may channel in one of two ways;
Conduit (Move Action)- the channeler opens a conduit to the land. At the beginning of their next turn they receive the mana. Once the mana is recieved, the caster must make a fort saving throw with a penalty equal to the channeling penalty, to avoid losing one healing surge. Additionally, all spells cast withing 10 squares keyed to that colour of mana suffer -1 cumulative hit and damage (spells that don’t grant hit and damage may reduce healing or other variables at the DM’s descression). These penalties do not affect spells or evocations that use the mana directly.
This penalty is reduced by 1 every round as the mana slowly replenishes itself.
Vitalizing (Minor Action) – the channeler spends a healing surge and immediately receives mana that they can use right away. Vitalizing may only be done once per turn. Since the energy is converted from the channeler’s life force, rather than from the land, nearby spellcasters do not suffer any penalty.

Regardless of how the mana is obtained, if it is not used by the end of the caster’s next turn, it is lost and the channeler takes damage equal to half their healing surge value.

Once mana is obtained, using it works very similar to augmentable psionic powers. You usually only spend 1 unit of mana on a power (usually an encounter or daily power), though occasionally some powerful effects may use more. It is possible to have up to 5 units of mana at any given time, by Vitalizing, action pointing and opening three conduits, then vitalizing again on the next turn. It is rare that someone would need to go to such lengths, and can be dangerous if the caster gets incapacitated before being able to use it.

Whenever you cast an any spell or evocation, you can enhance it with one unit of mana appropriate to the power in order to release it. Doing so offsets any negative mana penalties in effect, and expends the mana but accrues no other bonus. This is one of the few times mana can be spent on an at-will power (Useful for getting rid of mana you channeled, but have no other use for, don’t want to get stuck with it)

Assisted Channling
In times of war, it became common practice for there to be dedicated channelers who funneled mana to another spellcaster, who could focus on attacking enemies. Such tactics are known as assisted channeling. As a minor action, a channeler may send mana to a willing ally who has the ability to channel that colour. Such mana is volotile, however, and deals double normal damage if not used by the end of the next turn. Mana transfered via Assisted Channeling cannot be further passed along to another target.

Aggressive Conduit
As a standard action, a channler can attack another channeler by attempting to shove additional mana down an existing conduit. When an enemy has an open conduit of a colour that you have the ability to channel, you may spend any amount of mana of that type and make an attack roll (Primary Ability vs Will). You gain a bonus to the attack roll from your implement, and the target suffers a penalty to their Will defense equal to the mana channeling penalty, if any, as they are straining to leach more energy from the land.
If successful, the enemy immediatly takes damage equal to half your healing surge value per unit of mana. If the attack fails, the target may choose to take one unit of mana. Any remaining mana left from the attack is returned, and will burn up at the end of the turn, dealing half your healing surge per unit of mana.
White mana, being of a peaceable nature, and Orane mana, being ephemeral, can never be used in this manner.


Channeler [Channeling]
Prerequisite: Ability to use Primal Evocations or Arcane Spells
Choose a school of magic. You may channel mana for the chosen school.
Special: You may take this feat more than once, choosing a different colour each time.

Burning Embers [Channeling]
Prerequisite: Ability to channel Red Mana
You may spend red mana when you use a Encounter or Daily Arcane or Primal power with the Fire keyword. A power enhanced this way will deal an additional 1d6 fire damage to a single target. This damage increases to 2d6 at 11th level and 3d6 at 21st.

Deathgrip [Channeling]
Prerequisite: Ability to channel Black Mana
You may spend black mana when you use an Encounter or Daily Arcane or Primal power keyed to Black Magic or that has the Fear or Necrotic keywords. A power enhanced this way will be treated as if it had the Rattling keyword against a single target.

Verdant Whispers [Channeling]
Prerequisite: Ability to channel Green Mana
You may spend green mana when you use an Encounter or Daily Primal power keyed to Green Magic, or any that has the Healing keyword. A power enhanced this way will restore 1d6 damage to one conscious ally within 3 squares of the origin of the spell.
Increase to 2d6 at 11th level and 3d6 at 21st.

Lucent Barrier [Channeling]
Prerequisite: Ability to channel White Mana
You may spend white mana when you use an Encounter or Daily Primal power keyed to White Magic, or that has the radiant keyword. A power enhanced this way will grant a +1 power bonus to all defenses for all allies within 5 squares of the origin square. If the enhanced power grants a power bonus to defenses, they stack.

Reaching Wind [Channeling]
Prerequisite: Ability to channel Yellow Mana
You may spend yellow mana when you use an Encounter or Daily Arcane or Primal power keyed to Yellow Magic, or that has the lightning keyword. A ranged or area power enhanced this way gains +5 to its range. A melee power enhanced this way gains +1 to its range.

Wind’s Whispers [Channeling]
Prerequisite: Ability to channel Yellow Mana
You may spend yellow mana as a minor action to gain +2 on a knowledge check you’ve already rolled or the next knowledge check you roll before the end of your next turn, to try to learn more information. When you expend mana in this way, you gain a +2 bonus to perception checks until the end of your next turn, as you are more keenly attuned to the sounds carried on the wind.


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